Successful BISD Choice Night

Thursday, February 15 was an exciting night for our school. The BISD Choice Night provided us an opportunity to share with the community what we offer our students that may be a bit different than offerings from other elementary schools in the district. While our peers offer so much that mirrors our programs such as a general P.E. class, a general music class, and a general art class, our school also offers a second round of enrichment classes.

As a part of the Academy of the Arts, we provide each student with a piano class, a theatre arts class, and a audio/visual production class each week. We enjoy highlighting the progress our students are making in all areas. At BISD Choice Night, students were given opportunities to share the talents, learning, and results of hard work. We enjoyed seeing the fruits of their labor. Below you can see photos from the great performances.


Additionally, we appreciate the help from four students who visited with community members about our school. Their assistance to Mrs. Burchfield, Mrs. Mason, and Mrs. McCrory was great. Teachers, including Mrs. Modisette and Mrs. Blair was also helpful with questions from the huge number of passersby and other interested parties. Of course, we appreciate the Arts teachers, Mrs. Grace, Mrs. Griffin, and Mrs. Moore for preparing students for their performances throughout the night.